Women Achievers Program a better step - Kavita Bansal

Smt. Kavita Bansal, selected for the Women Achievers Program from Rajpura, District Patiala, Punjab, thanked Film India Communication and said that the Women Achievers Program is a good step for women empowerment.
He said that the literacy rate among women has increased but even today the practice has not come. Women should be mentally independent. Kavita Bansal, selected for Women Achievers, said that government and non-government organizations are working continuously for women empowerment in our country. He said that undoubtedly the benefits of these programs have reached the women and awareness has come in the society. It is to be known that the Women Achievers program is being produced by Film India Communications under The Untold Coffee Table Stories for women in which selected women talents will be presented to the society through various mediums on the basis of their interviews which will be about them. Will work to provide better information to the public.


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