Taj Mrs. Khadi - 2022 Binkal Shukla in Lucknow

Taj Mrs. Khadi - 2022 Binkal Shukla in Lucknow
Famous actress model and social activist Binkal Shukla is coming to Lucknow in connection with a program today. At present Binkal Shukla is the winner of 'Taj Mrs. India Khadi 2022' and has been 'Mrs. Central UP 2021' and 'Mrs. Diamond Star 2020' in the past. Binkal Shukla is a social activist as well as working in the world of glamor and is working to create awareness on various issues of the society like women empowerment, child labour etc.
Women Achievers Program spokesperson Dr. Shobhana told that Binkal Shukla will reach Lucknow from Varanasi today, where after participating in a program, she will meet Sibte Abbas, director of Film India Communications, and under the banner of 'Film India Communications', 'The Untold Coffee Table Stories' program, women will get special information about the program 'Women Achievers' being run for women empowerment. It may be noted that Film India Communications has been working closely with other organizations in the field of art, culture and cinema in the whole country, especially in Uttar Pradesh, for the last about 15 years. Dr. SHOBHANA Media Incharge Women Achievers, Program The Untold Coffee Table Stories Film India Communications


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