CM Hemnta biswa Sarma dedicated towards development of Minorities in Assam with all new Vision.

On this recent visit to Assam, Peace Ambassador to India Marshah had the opportunity to meet the Chairman of the Minority Development Board of Assam, Mr. Habib Mohammad Choudhury, thanking for the invitation, Marshah said that she is thankful that Mr Habib mohammed chowdhary took time out of his busy schedule to introduced his hospitality. Marshaha also says that during the meeting they discussed the steps being taken for the development of minorities in Assam, and are convinced that they are very effective. The responsibility given to Habib Mohammad Choudhary as the leader of the minority by the Chief Minister of Assam, Hemanta Biswa Sharma, clearly shows the interest of the people of all the minorities, especially the Muslims.
When asked, Habib Mohammad Chaudhry, a famous businessman in the South Asian country Laos, while giving the credit of his political orientation to Shri Modi, said that he was very impressed by the Prime Minister's work being done in the spirit of service and love for the country. He said was born and brought up in Hojai, Assam, but was doing business abroad for many years. He has been part of many prestigious business platforms like ASEAN and shar shown his capacity turn it into partnership projects with Government. It was gis business background where He could easily notice our Prime minister's efforts in developing India as a new business model in the World. He said that he is also working to bring in more business into Assam Marshah also said that after talking to Mr Chowdhary she is happy to see how the Assam government is working vigorously for the bright future of the people. On being appointed as the Chairman of Assam Minority Development Board, Government of Assam Mr. Habib Mohammed chowdhary told Marshah that he would always be grateful to Chief Minister Hemanta Biswa Sarma for giving him the opportunity to serve his people with such trust confidence.He said he considers himself a progressive Muslim, and also wants to inspire all Muslims towards progress and development. He wants the Muslim community to be freed from the orthodox thinking so that they can support and benefit from the efforts of the government.


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